Metal Casting

Zinc Casting

Trident Components offers zinc casting to service even the most demanding industrial specifications. We have zinc and a variety of zinc alloys, each with unique characteristics and suitable for a variety of metal casting applications. Our materials and capabilities will ensure you an accurately-cast and economical product every time, meeting your specific needs.

Zinc Properties:

Oxidation States:


Boiling Point:

1180 K

Melting Point:

682,73 K


7,13 g/cm3

Electron Configuration:


Acid/Base Properties:


Crystal Structure:




Heat of Vaporization:

115,30 kJ/mol

Heat of Fusion:

7,38 kJ/mol

Electrical Conductivity:

16,9 106 (Om cm)-1

Thermal Conductivity:

116 W/(m K) (at 300 K)

Specific Heat Capacity:

0,388 J/(g K) (at 300 K)

First Ionization Potential:


Atomic Volume:

9,20 cm3/mol

Atomic Radius:

1,38 A

Covalent Radius:

1,25 A

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