Metal Stamping

Tin & Tin Alloy Stamping

Trident Components offers tin and tin alloy stamping for your metal stamping needs. Tin and all of our materials, production capabilities, and warehousing facilities will give you a cost-effective and accurately-stamped part.

Tin Properties:

Oxidation States:

4, 2

Boiling Point:

2876 K

Melting Point:

505,12 K


7,31 g/cm3

Electron Configuration:


Acid/Base Properties:


Crystal Structure:




Heat of Vaporization:

290,37 kJ/mol

Heat of Fusion:

7,2 kJ/mol

Electrical Conductivity:

8,7 106 (Om cm)-1

Thermal Conductivity:

66,6 W/(m K) (at 300 K)

Specific Heat Capacity:

0,228 J/(g K) (at 300 K)

First Ionization Potential:


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