Metal Stamping

Iron Stamping - Iron Alloy Stamping

Trident Components offers a variety of iron and iron alloys for all your metal casting needs and at competitive prices. All of our materials including iron, our production capabilities, and our warehousing facilities will always give you an accurately-cast and economical part every time.

Iron Properties:

Phase solid Density (near r.t.)

7.874 g·cm−3

Liquid density at m.p.

6.98 g·cm−3

Melting point

1811 K(1538 °C, 2800 °F)

Boiling point

3134 K(2862 °C, 5182 °F)

Heat of fusion

13.81 kJ·mol−1

Heat of vaporization

340 kJ·mol−1

Specific heat capacity

(25 °C) 25.10 J·mol−1·K−1

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