Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic Insert Molding Service

Trident Components offers plastic insert molding and plastic insert molding services. With our exceptional capabilities and the latest equipment to complete your insert molding project economically and on time, we can assure you that the job will always be molded accurately to your specifications and at competitive prices.

Plastic insert molding:

  • is highly efficient, specialized system of assembly
  • allows a consolidation of a variety of parts, or inserts, into a single component
  • is a fast and economical process

JIT Insert Molding Warehousing

Companies seeking JIT (just-in-time) manufacturing need rapid shipment, warehousing and affordable prices. In response Trident has developed JIT manufacturing for the plastic insert molding industry. Trident has warehousing available for weekly, monthly or quarterly deliveries, which can be handled with 24 hours of customer notice.

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