Metal Casting

Thin Wall Metal Casting

Thin wall metal casting, also better known as die casting, creates parts that are stronger and lighter than those of other casting methods, and Trident Components has the machining facilities to meet your thin wall metal casting needs. We have access to a variety of inexpensive materials and our blanket ordering and inventory services will give you the most for your money. If you need a cost-effective and strong yet light part, look to us for your thin wall casting needs.

The thin wall casting process:

  • can utilize a variety of materials
  • creates components utilized in many of today‚Äôs leading industries
  • produces accurate and complex shapes
  • can produce a broad range of parts with perfect finish and astonishing detail
  • casts products with higher tolerances for heat and pressure
  • makes more durable and longer lasting parts than parts made by other methods

Materials we Thin Wall Cast

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