Screw Machine Parts & Products

At Trident Components offers screw machine parts and products in addition to our stamping, casting, and molding services. Our screw machine parts and products are manufactured to the highest specifications. Our ability to produce a variety of parts, access to economical materials, and our warehousing services set us apart from the competition.

A screw machine:

  • is a manufacturing tool used to make parts that are shaped like rods, pins, or screws
  • works by spinning a metal rod under a lathe-like device
  • is used to craft cylindrical or threaded parts of nearly any size
  • does not work with metal at a high temperatures
  • transforms metal that starts as a wire or rod then works it into the desired shape by the lathe process
  • ensures that all the parts will be perfectly interlocking once they are assembled
  • enables greater control over the final shape of the part

From the tiny pins that hold a cell phone together, to the industrial screws and bolts in a car engine, Trident Components will manufacture the screw machine parts you need.

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