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Trident Components was founded by manufacturing engineers in 2000 specifically for consumers of engineered components. Our vision was to build a company capable of helping manufacturers reduce costs for their goods through global and domestic source contract manufacturing. We provide a wide variety of die casting, metal stamping, metal casting, and plastic molding services, as well as machining, springs, and assemblies. Our warehousing (15,000 sq. ft.), inventory, and one year blanket order services also result in exponential savings for you.

Today, Trident Components contracts with more than 500 employees and six manufacturing operations in the U.S., India, and China, and our core competencies are well established in North American commercial and industrial sectors. Our customer base includes companies who expect quality, value, and whose production requirements cover a broad range of manufacturing applications.

Our Mission

Trident Components is a global sourcing company, intent and focused on providing quality and low-cost metal and plastic components, assemblies, and services to North America. The charter of Trident Components is founded on the belief that if U.S. manufacturers can purchase their engineered components at a globally competitive price, they will be capable of besting their competition. Trident Components seeks to level the playing field for all U.S. OEM's and distributors. Our 14 year history shows this charter has become a reality. Now Trident Components is driven to share this reality with you.

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