Metal Stamping

Sheet Metal Stamping

Sheet metal stamping processes have been perfected by Trident Components. With top-of-the-line stamping equipment and engineering, we produce customized components through a variety of stamping processes, including modular stamping, progressive die stamping and more. Both low volume and high volume production capabilities produce the most quality components available with our stamping machinery.

Sheet Metal Stamping Benefits

The most efficient way to produce high volume runs of sheet metal parts is the sheet metal stamping process. Our high speed stamping presses provide the most cost effective way to produce high volume runs of metal components. This service yields dimensionally precise parts that are dependable and cost effective. Sheet metal stamping is quick and efficient to ensure components are created accurately and delivered on-time. Trident Components offers the most widely used metal stamping equipment and processes to meet any demand, including:

Modular stamping

uses reusable components, since modular dies can be used on many different applications to produce unique stamped components using reusable parts. Modular stamping is one of the most cost-effective tooling methods used.

Progressive die stamping

 stamping can include different methods of creating metal components, including bending and punching. An automatic feeding system allows tooling that requires multiple steps in the manufacturing process to be created quickly and efficiently. Progressive die stamping is ideal for large production runs.

High-speed stamping

is a process generally used with thinner materials. The thinner the material, the smaller the die clearance, which allows quicker impact speed. High volume production runs are made easy with high speed stamping.

Deep Drawing

is one of the most popular metal forming methods used by manufacturers today. The difference between metal stamping and deep drawing is very simple. Metal stamping involves sheet metal being bent. Deep drawing involves sheet metal being stretched. If you can re-create a copy of the part you will need using a sheet a paper and cutting and folding the sheet of paper to mimic the part you will need, then metal stamping will work. But if the part will need to be stretched more like bubble gum being blown into bubble or clay being molded into a curved shape, then deep drawing will likely be your only option. Trident Components offers both processes and can easily determine which of the two will be needed and offer the least expensive and least capital intensive option for your review. Minimum runs for both processes are 2500 pieces with quantities exceeding millions of parts on the high end.

Bore slide stamping

can be used to produce unique metal components for a variety of industries.

Transfer stamping

is used to manufacture metal parts that need to be formed to a cup-shaped contour. In this multi-step production process, metal parts pass through stages that allow custom lengths and features to be implemented.

Our facility utilizes precise, high-speed presses with both low and high volume production capabilities. We give you the highest quality components while meeting your most demanding sheet metal stamping needs. Our state-of-the-art facilities and experience combine to give you the highest quality components that meet your most demanding sheet metal stamping needs.

Our sheet metal stamping services:

  • yield dimensionally precise parts.
  • are dependable and cost-effective
  • ensure orders are accurate and on time

Sheet Metal Stamping for Lean Manufacturing

Companies looking for lean manufacturing services need rapid shipment, warehousing and piece part prices they can handle. Trident has responded by developing lean manufacturing services for the sheet metal stamping industry. We provide warehousing for weekly, monthly or quarterly deliveries, which can be handled with 24 hours of customer notice. Trident Components is a specialist in both domestic and offshore sheet metal stamping. Use Trident Components for your sheet metal stamping needs.

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